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About Mr. Hyson

"My name is Leroy Hyson and thank you for having an interest in Musical Fun with Mr. Hyson. I am an educator in the Montgomery County Public School System and have taught grades pre-k to 8. I have experience working with children for over 25 years and still enjoy seeing kids learn and grow at every age."

Musical Fun My Cat Jack

With over 25 years of teaching experience within the Montgomery County Public School System, and over 30 years experience of consistent work with children in various capacities to include work in childcare centers, day camps, classrooms, and martial arts schools, Mr. Leroy Hyson is a well established children’s educator, motivator and entertainer.
In a description of Mr. Hyson’s teaching style written in the Washington Post Article, “Hanging with Mr. Hyson”, dated September 25, 1994, Dan Beyers writes, “Leroy Hyson likes to keep his learning activities fast-paced and fun.”  20 years later, Mr. Hyson is still applying that same energy and enthusiasm to his song writing and performing.
With his debut children’s music CD, “Musical Fun with Mr. Hyson,” Hyson is reaching increasing numbers of children and families with positive music.  Today, Hyson’s whimsical characterizations, motivational chants and raps, and fun and educational songs are being enjoyed by hundreds of children and their families in homes, schools, libraries, daycare centers, camps and community stages throughout the Washington Metropolitan area and beyond. 
Mr. Hyson believes that every child likes to move, make noise and haves fun and through his music he is able to sprinkle little tasty nuggets of positivity, friendship, perseverance, teamwork and more.  Musical Fun with Mr. Hyson is an experience for all ages.

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